Honeyguide Educational, Interactive Maps and Sightings App

Available for Kruger National Park, Etosha National Park and The Zululand & Maputaland Wildlife Reserves in KwaZulu-Natal

Endorsed by EcoTraining, the leading provider of safari and trails guide training in Africa


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Features include:

  • Unique interactive Honeyguide Maps.
  • Ability to upload sightings and to view latest sightings by other users.
  • Customised personal bird and mammal lists.
  • Mammal information customised for each Region including photographs and paintings for identification, distribution maps, spoor, key facts and information. Ability to upload sightings and to customise personal lists by date.
  • Full bird lists per region with paintings and some photographs for identification, key facts and information. Ability to upload sightings and to customise personal lists by date.
  • Tree lists for Kruger National Park and Etosha National Park.
  • Unique sightings game where users are able to compete with other app users to be the daily or overall champion mammal and bird spotter
  • Distance Tables.
  • Reserve and Resort information.
  • Facebook link to upload sightings images and videos
  • Full interactive features available by monthly or annual subscription

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