A Field Guide – Mammals of Southern Africa

Southern Africa's Mammals


A Field Guide to the Mammals of Southern Africa

Available in English, Afrikaans and German.

The Southern Africa’s Mammals Guide is a high quality 216-page book providing all the information you need to identify mammals when visiting Southern Africa’s Wildlife and Nature Reserves. The Guide has been updated during 2015 and features the following information:

  • Reference guide to the principle National Parks and Nature Reserves across the Southern Africa Region.
  • A rapid identification guide to assist the novice to identify the variety of mammal species quickly .
  • 88 Mammal Species occurring across Southern Africa categorised by Order and Family including:
    • Clear photographs of each species
    • Distribution maps
    • Important information key
    • General description
    • Glossary of terms used in the study of mammals.
    • Comprehensive index listing including English, Afrikaans and scientific (Latin) names.
    • External Anatomy terminology commonly used to describe the external anatomy of mammals.
    Southern Africa's Mammals
    Southern Africa's Mammals